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Winchester Model 37A 12 GA Time Machine

I took an old single-shot shotgun that had belonged to my Dad out of the gun cabinet tonight for inspection and light cleaning. As soon as I held it, it brought back memories of days gone by.

This old break-down 12 GA was nothing special, but it is just about the only thing I have that belonged to my Dad. It was actually a pretty nice looking gun in it's day, and was chambered for 2 1/4 - 3" shells with a 30" full choke barrell. I would think this gun has pretty good reach with the right ammo. I have never fired it. Inside the barrell it still has a nice shine with no signs of wear or pitting.

Although it doesn't have much material value, I will treasure it and probably pass it on to my son so he will have something that was his Grandfather's. Guns and old knives seem to retain some of the spirit of their previous owners in some way, and they are to be treasured and enjoyed as regular reminders of those that have gone on before.

(Wow - I was getting really sentimental this evening).
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