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Family heirloom

Hey gents. First time poster here, hope to get some help.

My grandfather gifted me one of his most personally valued shotguns yesterday, and a gun that he's killed hundreds upon hundreds of pheasant with. I believe it to be a Remington Autoloading Shotgun (or model 11, but manufactured before 1911).
The gun belonged to HIS grandfather, my great great g-pa. While discussing the gun, I told grandpa that I'd take care of the gun and keep it clean, to which he replied "The hell you will. I'm giving this gun to you because I know you'll use it, and appreciate it. Kill birds with it."


I'll try to get some pictures up at work today.

The only engraving on the gun reads as follows:

BROWNING'S PATENTS OCT.9.1900.DEC.17.01.SEPT.30.02.JUNE.18.03

and the serial number is 43XXX (short number!)

Can anyone verify that this is in fact a Remington Autoloading Shotgun? (model 11) Also, I doubt it possible, but a year of production would be great.

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