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OK, here's the deal if you go on there site and look up the MBUS backup sights


you see a price of 37.95 front site, if you click on the arrow you will see
a price of 17.10 (rear sight add)

so I thought I bought the front sight for 37.95 and the rear sight for 17.10
thinking that I got a good deal, because I can buy the pair for 69.00 from another site. So I ordered them. Got the package today and finding only the rear sight, no front sight. I called and talked to a lady who was not friendly at all. I explained to her that they forgot to add the front sight .
She said no, you only paid for the rear sight for 55$. We went back and forth and she finally says that the MBUS sight has base price of 37.95 and that if you want the rear sight you have to add additional 17.10 plus the base price of 37.95 and thats what you got is the rear sight!! So if I want the front sight it will be additional 37.95 for the front sight .

She than said I got to go and hung up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this particular item is really deceptive!!!!

Why don't they just say;
front sight 37.95
and rear sight 55.00

They are just trying to make it look like the front sight is 37.95 and if you want the reaR sight add 17.10. I know to good to be true!!!
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