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ankle lite holster for Kahr pm9

A person at Optics Planet where I bought the holster suggested an ankle holster by Uncle Mikes. But I may have found an even better solution. A local leather repair place that does lots of leather work for bikers in the area has a custom holster that is a combination holster for a cell phone and pistol. He puts a cell phone holster and a pistol holster on a single piece of leather. The pistol holster part fits inside the waste band and the cell phone holster fits outside the waste band. When a person looks at you all they can see is your cell phone holster on the outside of your pants (just like any belt fitted cell phone holster). The pistol is completely hidden (on the inside of your pants).

Although the Kahr ankle lite holster is extremely comfortable, It would not be practical during the summer when I wear shorts a lot. this holster completely eliminates that problem. Also I can take my pistol to this guy and he can custom make the holster to fit my pistol with the laser grips.

Looks like problem is solved.
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