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I have been a member of Gateway for 35 years. I have had guns pointed at me so many times I cringe to think about it. They will bust the hell out of one member for having two targets on a frame then excuse another who points a gun down the firing line. I am amazed no one has gotten killed yet. I was harassed by a RO name of Donny Martinez to the point I was going to let my membership lapse and find somewhere else to shoot. Alas, there is not any comparable place with in a reasonable distance. Martinez busted my buddy for pointing a muzzle loader vertically as he loaded it. Said it might shoot down an aircraft. My buddy quit Gateway. Martinez told me to drop the floor plate of my bolt action rifle before the range went clear. I picked the gun up and was attempting to drop the plate when he called the line clear then tore me a new one for handling a rifle on a clear line. He was very hostile about it and when I attempted to tell him it was his fault for calling the line clear while I was handling the rifle he began shouting at me "Don't argue with me!" I was so mad I had to just leave. I wanted to watch a Bullseye match and got run off by a RO name of Arvil Budd. He told me I could not stay unless I was registered to shoot in the match. He is a rude one except when I have my wife with me and then sugar won't melt in his mouth he is so sweet. Several times I have had to run him off because he was drooling on my wife.

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