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Well, I guess I fall into the "Ol' Fart" catagory as well. I remember all the stuff that's been mentioned and then some. I think we had around 500 members when I joined. I remember when we had actual conversations going between members without 20 posts between one's remark and the other's answer. I remember starting goofy off the wall threads just so we'd have something to talk about. I remember when the whole idea of closing a thread for length was unthinkable. I remember FOUP and was a charter contributor to the cause. I remember Kodiac, Cornered Rat, don't upset the wookie! and the sage warm words of Master Mac. And I remember when Rich dubbed me as TFL's official "Curmudgeon member"
But one of my best memories was laying in a hospital bed while my wife read pages and pages of well wishes from people I'd never met, but was happy to call friends.
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