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Why won't they touch the NFA stuff?
Because they aren't stupid, they know what they are doing. The one common trait of people who go for "All of nothing" is that they get nothing. Incrementalisim is the name of the game. That is how the Anti's got the import ban and the AWB. You have to beat them at their own game.

Can you honestly imagine politicians trying to pass something overruling the NFA Act in one go? "**** they want to let every child buy machineguns." No way that is gonna fly. If you instead limit it to Title I weapons it becomes much harder to oppose. There is going to be a test case eventually, who do you want as the plaintiff? A 50 year old businessman who owns a machine shop and wants to tinker with single shot, straight pull bolt action 22s or a 22 year old with an open bolt MAC-10 and suppressor? Leaving out Title II weapons is a no-brainer. Having them in doesn't help us in either the short or long term, it hurts us. We have have as much public support as possible.

If things like this pass, it opens the door to NFA later on. If it fails then it doesn't matter, so why have NFA items included?
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