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In theory, the open carry movement is to educate people about what is legal and what isn't. In states and areas where loaded open carry is permissible, the first step is to ensure call takers & dispatchers ask the right questions.

Police will publicly state that they "have to respond" to a man with a gun call. That's not entirely true. Done properly, a call might go something like this;

911: This is 911, what is your emergency?
Caller: There's a guy walking around with a gun here.
911: A man with a gun?
Caller: That's right, he's carrying a gun.
911: Where are you calling from sir?
Caller: I'm at ..uh..933 Park Street, downtown.
911: Alright, can you describe the man for me?
Caller: Yeah, he's white, short dark hair, maybe 30 to 35, blue shirt and khaki pants.

911: And what's he doing? Is he threatening anyone?
Caller: But he has a GUN!
911: I got that. Where's the gun? In his hand?
Caller: No. No. It... it's on his right side.
911: Is it in a holster?
Caller: Yeah. A black holster.
911: Is he threatening or arguing with anyone?

Caller: No. He's standing outside the Hobby Shop drinking coffee.
911: So he's not endangering anyone right now, correct?
Caller: But HE HAS A GUN! It's right out in the open!
911: I understand that, sir. But that's not illegal.
Caller: WHAT?
911: Just wearing a gun openly isn't illegal.

Caller: Are you ****ing me?
911: No sir. It's not illegal to wear a gun openly in this state.
Caller: But what about this guy with the gun?
911: What about him? Is he acting strangely or something?
Caller: No, not that. Are you telling me wearing a gun in public isn't a crime?

911: That's exactly correct sir.
Caller: This is nuts! This state is crazy!
911: Sir, are you from California?
Caller: Uh, yeah, why?
911: Nothing sir. Have a nice day
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