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All true.... I think that my response might be to post signs in the store and on the web page indicating to customers that I would strongly prefer not to accept BoA payment forms.
Which that would be perfectly reasonable and fair to everyone.

However, it isn't just BOA.

Citibank is anti-gun. (I know it is WND, so take is as just another example)

Citibank and First Data

Chase Bank is Anti-gun

Maybe too Compass Bank

And all of this is without even going into the personnel policies of each of the financial corporations. I think that you will find, without exception, that all the major financial institutions are anti-gun, at least at the workplace level, though not all extend that to alienating their customers, though some do.

I know a lot of gun owners dropped AOL because of their policies toward employees. How many financial institutions are actually pro-gun at both the customer and employee level? I bet the number is very low. Maybe we can figure out what few they are and all of us migrate our accounts to them?
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