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Heads up! (Group buy on H/S gauges)

Disk type Headspace gauges on a group buy. He did this earlier in the year with great results & he's doing it again.

note: These are disk type gauges for RIMMED calibers only, sorry they won't work on rimless cases. Mostly they are MilSpec dimensioned, not SAAMI, so handy for those who want that dimension set.

I have no connection with the company other than being impressed by the product & service level offered.

April is a big gunshow month so I think now would be a good time to run another group buy on headspace gauges. The last one went very well so we'll do it the same way. I have to bump the prices up just a bit from the last time as material costs are increasing. (We still have the best prices on the planet!! )

$40.00 per set delivered (add $1.50 for international postage)
$20.00 per single gauge (add $1.50 for international postage)

We must sell a minimum of 15 sets or 30 singles for the group buy to continue. We have available:

.303 MIL-SPEC / 30-40 US Krag
8x56r Mannlicher Steyr
8mm Lebel / Berthier

Feel free to tell folks on "other" forums about the deal, I'll take all the free advertising I can get!

The group buy ends on Wednesday March 31st at midnight Central time. Post a reply here letting me know what caliber and how many gauges you want so that I can keep tabs on our minimum quantities. Once the minimum quantity has been spoken for I will post payment instructions here and start shipping gauges. I don't forsee any problems...we sold over 30 sets last time! That about covers it I think.

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