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I hope you also stop accepting credit cards and checks issued by/thru BofA.
Well this brings up a whole new issue for a small business owner, though it may not affect AZarmament's online business because he isn't likely to know whose bank issues the credit card his online customers are using to pay for their goods.

Do you take the fight to the extreme of not accepting BOA credit cards at the risk of alienating customers and losing business, which will result in a loss of income and potentially resulting in a loss of the business? In other words, do you extend your fight with BOA to being a fight with your customers who may have a BOA credit card, telling them that you don't want their money if they are going to pay with BOA credit? That would be a very bad business decision from the standpoint of helping the business to thrive in an already stressed economy where more folks and restriced discretionary income.
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