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I'd sure *love* to have those `prairie dog huggers' to reimburse me for the $42.75K that those little `buggers' cost me in income over the last few years! A couple neighbors of mine, trying to be `sensitive', decided to try to `hunanely?' get rid of the `pasture poodles' they had on their properties. Wanna guess where those `pasture poodles' moved out to and `set up shop' at!? Yep! Right in the middle of two of my best alfalfa fields! Within a month or so I had almost *no* alfalfa left worth cutting! Those little buggers clear approximately a 25' *radius* around their holes. Both to keep things `clear' to be able to see and predators *and* for food. It's been a hard fought battle and while I may *appear* to have them `under control?' for the time being I was out and about around a week ago and discovered that it looks like they are `setting up shop' in another one of my fields. (Unfortunately it is also a field where I don't have quite as good a `range' as I have in the ones they started in and I'm a bit, well actually really, leery of doing any `serious' shooting like I was able to do before. I guess that I am going to have to try and come up with some sort of `blind' so that I can set up to shoot in a safe, or at least safer, direction?)

Anyway... Those danged `prairie dog huggers' can just go take a hike to someplace that is warm and rhymes with swell! (And *if* they *did* come up with the money it's cost me so far I'd take it and *still* tell them where to go just out of `general principles'!)

Doleo ergo sum,

Of course I'm out of my mind, it's dark and scary in there!
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