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I'm happy to have found this thread--maybe you guys can give me some advice. I'm fortunate enough to have a Luxembourg model, and am the only person to have owned the rifle since its import into the US. I think I got the gun ca. 1967 or so.

The bore is in mint condition and most of the gun is in what I'd call very good condition. The finish is the only think that takes away something, and the stock, while in excellent shape, doesn't appear to be a very nice wood.

So, there's the predictable 'what would you do' question. If you were to keep the rifle would you refinish it, and if so, who could do a credible job given the existing finish (whatever it is). I'd certainly like to see it in a near-black matter Parkerized type finish. One would only refinish if they knew they'd never want to sell it, correct? Is there anyone known to specialize in refinishing these rifles (as opposed to a guy with a can of GunKote in his garage)?

Here are some shots to provide some idea of the condition, if that helps:

Should I just leave it alone as far refinishing, and is there anywhere that provides finished walnut stock sets? This gun is all-original, so I'd be more likely to sell it than to try to turn it into something it isn't, but I'm also not a collector so having a pro do a superb restoration job wouldn't bother me much.

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