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Double naught, I wouldn't disagree, but why take this tone with a fellow member? I just don't see the reason for it. Either take his post for the information or confirmation it provides, or just leave it alone. We have enough opposition in the world. How does it serve our purpose to turn on our own? There is way too much of this in our community, IMO.
Maybe if folks took the time to do a simple internet search, they would not come to these shocking realizations after they have gotten screwed or otherwise inconvenienced. AZarmament joined here for the purpose complaining about BOA and soliciting feedback because he didn't do his homework first. So he is complaining after the fact about something for which information was readily available. If he can complain after the fact about something for which information was available, then by golly he could have taken just a few minutes before the fact and saved himself a lot of grief.

So while my point was directed at AZarmament, it wasn't just for AZarmament. Five minutes of internet searches can reveal a lot about many companies. That probably would have been less time than it took to fill out his applicaiton with BOA for a line of credit. Why people don't bother making better use of the internet before they get screwed or inconvenienced is beyond me, but maybe by pointing out AZarmament's folly, a few more people will get a clue and not go down the same road...with BOA or with any other company.

Now because he feels like he has been mistreated by BOA, AZarmament is going to invest lots of time fighting BOA...time that likely could be better spent trying to make his business better. All the inconvenience and all of the time that he is now going to invest in this cause (that he would not have otherwise invested in fighting BOA or any other company) could have been bypassed with a simple internet search.
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