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Questions on Chronos

I am considering a new Chronograph.

I have a Shooting Chrony F1. It gave me fair service producing bullet speeds about two out of three shots. (One of three returned an error.)

I used it with both my .36 and .44 balls of my revolvers as well as the .177 pellets from a good quality air rifle. Little difference in the performance of the Chrony.

I could never figure out how to know when to use the sky shields. On a given day I would shoot with the shields and shoot without the shields again with little difference in the reliability of the Chrony.

I sent it back to the manufacturer thinking it had a problem but when I got it back the performance was no better.

I am now thinking of a PACT Professional XP for the following reasons:

1.) Price - 210 to 230 depending upon where you go for the PACT as opposed to more than three hundred for an equivalent ProChono or Shooting Chrony. I have not done a lot of shopping around to verify prices on the Prochrono.
2.) Sensors and screens are separate from the unit which makes it a lot cheaper to fix if I happen to shoot it.
3.) Ballistic software is downloaded for free from the website. Shooting Chrony wants 80.00 for theirs and I did not check on ProChrono.

Does anyone have any feelings one way or the other?
Any experience with PACT?
Comparison of the three units?
Are all chronographs finnicky like the F1 I have?
How about similar experience to mine with the unreliable reporting of the F1?
Or perhaps is there a fourth chronograph that I should be thinking about?

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