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A bit about Bank of America. They are again showing their anti-gun tendencies.
I was simply floored when I was told by the Bank of America credit analyst that I was being denied credit due to the "nature of my business". It seems that Bank of America after viewing my web store made a determination that underwriting businesses that sell quality weapons accessories is a violation of corporate policy.
How can you be "floored" by your credit rejection when you know BOA to be anti-gun in the first place?

While you may have had a long history helping support an anti-gun bank like BOA, I don't know why you think they would be willing to support your type of business for which they have a long history of not supporting. You knew about their anti-gun position and there are threads on this forum that mention it, not that you probably ever spent much time here until you wished to complain that you weren't given a line of credit.

Heck, a quick internet search would have turned up lots of hits about BOA and their anti-gun perspectives.

Maybe if you would have taken the time to do a little research about your potential lender, you might have lost the naive perspective that somehow BOA was going to treat you differently and go against it long standing policy and then you would not have had to suffer the blemish of having your line of credit rejected.
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