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Bank of America takes a stand against gun businesses

A bit about Bank of America. They are again showing their anti-gun tendencies. I was recently refused a line of credit by BOA. I had hopes of growing the business with the benefit of the bank that I have had a lengthy and substantial relationship with.

I was simply floored when I was told by the Bank of America credit analyst that I was being denied credit due to the "nature of my business". It seems that Bank of America after viewing my web store made a determination that underwriting businesses that sell quality weapons accessories is a violation of corporate policy.

I have since been told by BOA representatives that my sort of business fits into an undesirable category of business entities that include online adult entertainment and payday check cashing establishments. Yes, their exact words.

They can't seem to appreciate that my business is recorded with the GSA's Central Contractor Registration as well as Dunn & Bradstreet. Most of the items that I sell are currently listed in the GSA advantage catalog and made available to state and local governments as well as all Federal agencies.

My local branch was eager to open a business account with the full knowledge that I sell weapons accessories. At the time I opened my business account no such policy seemed to be in place. Now they are scrambling to find out what Corporate Bank of America is up to.

If you are having similar difficulties with BOA mention it here and notify me as well. I have asked for NRA help with this and also requested that the Second Amendment Foundation cease their business dealings with BOA. They currently offer BOA investment products on their homepage. -Rich
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