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Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
But they don't burn, really.
I disagree. We read and hear in the media all the time about dispatchers who say dumb things (all these calls are recorded) to folks calling in when there is a real emergency. If a 911 blew off a call reporting someone was openly displaying a gun and then that person killed a mess of people I think the public would eat them alive. Sure they can ask questions and I think they should but my point is that if they decide not to respond and it goes bad they will get a lot of heat from the public.

Anyway, off topic but I am not a supporter of OC. I don't think it helps gun owners secure more freedom. It is not a tactic I would use to make the case for gun rights but that is just my opinion.

I will tell you that when I tried to fight the opting out of a TN law in my community about CCW in city parks (TN law allowed them to opt out) the kook I mentioned earlier was brought up by the soccer moms and they ended up banning guns in city parks. Guess OC didn't work that time?
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