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I would not DEPEND on your guide completely, but I would listen to what he/she has to say, where you are likely going, and the kind of terrain you will be encountereing. Definitely have some emergency supplies with you in a small pack. I'd go a little larger on the plastic for either a ground cover or shelter construciton. I'd have enough stuff for a couple days alone. You should be able to find water if you are in the mountains; filtration/purification rig is up to you, but not a bad idea.

Definitely pick up some topo maps of the area you're going. Definitely get some good boots; I would just have an insulated pair that is well broke in. A back up pair might include some light hiking boots that fit you well.

You may in fact be hunting relatively close to dirt roads. So the maps will be quite handy along with a compass and gps. I still don't have a gps. If you hunt New Jersey, you probably already have those as you can very easily get mixed up on the broad forested flat areas where every direction looks the same.

There isn't much in Dubois by the way. It is a small town or it used to be when I was there. The rodeo is worth doing if they are still going on that late in the year (which I doubt).
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