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Tom Servo:
Frankly, if someone wants to open carry, they should expect to be the center of attention. Many of them do it for exactly that reason. Well, if they're going to put themselves in that role, then their responsibility is to act as reasonable, temperate ambassadors of the gun culture.
I believe the gentlemen in Virginia were acting reasonable. As a matter of fact, as I recall, they were sitting by themselves, minding their own business. They weren't doing anything to call unnecessary attention to themselves, other than openly carrying.

Maybe punishing the caller is not going to be useful. If not, then what should be done about a situation similar to Virginia where a citizen or group of citizens is carrying a firearm in a legal manner, and some nitwit gets his undies in a bundle about it. Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse. If the "caller" is ignorant of the law(s) and calls for the authorities, what should be the remedy to reduce or attempt to prevent such calls in the future. Let's debate that, not whether open carrying in public is wrong or too agressive for the gun culture. I say it's wrong and too agressive for people to call the authorities when people are open carrying and obeying the laws while doing so.
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