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Guns: can you describe exactly what you were doing when you got the error? I haven't been able to reproduce it so far.
Yes I was starting a new thread and wanted to insert some images so as usual I just used the attachment button. The pictures where just taken on a friends camera and put onto my computer. The pictures I was trying to post have never been posted before. Maybe it has something to do with the camera. So I tried to upload the pictures and it just says error DSCF2610.jpg Upload of file failed. I kept trying to upload with the same manage attachments box and after multiple attempts I received the Security Token Missing error. The weird thing is that I can post other images using the attachment button but not the images taken on a friends camera.

I have never used the INSERT IMAGE button. If I wanted to use that would I have to start something like a Photobucket account and put the images from my computer onto the account and post them though Photobucket. Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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