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I know some are older on here, and some have been involved in the issue longer than I may have been, but there definitely is a part of me that agrees with RDak - or as they say, "its not so much the age as it is the mileage."

Tom I agree that more flies are caught with honey than with vinegar, but the truth is the older I get the more direct and less diplomatic I feel. The only thing that saves me from being rudely direct and honest with people at times is that - I've been there, done that - meaning I've had that argument or debate before and I don't feel like wasting my time doing it again - so sometimes I do keep my mouth shut - sometimes.

So, I am glad that there are good patient ambassadors out there like Tom. But I would argue that the take no enemies camp is important too. I think of it like the NRA, SAF, JPFO and so on. You have the moderate voice of the NRA, a voice that is needed to be the largest umbrella of gun owners not just RKBA activists, but also individuals who are mostly just hunters or sport shooters. Yet there is a need for the more aggressive organizations like the JPFO - that cut to the chase and yell "shall not be infringed" from the roof tops. In the end they complement each other, those on the extreme edge make the NRA seem moderate by comparison. A version of good cop, bad cop if you will. Some are spiritual or ideological leaders and others are practical builders. Consider the NRA - dragged kicking and screaming by Gura and Levy into Heller - or Gura going for a home run with PoI in McDonald and the NRA going strictly with DP and their case and then McDonald. Both are important. In my state the NRA affiliate state rifle association was loath at times to push aggressive legislation - but upstart local organizations pushed ahead on issues anyway. The state association got to be moderate pal to skittish legislators and the locals got things fired up. Just like with Open Carry advocates and the NRA and CCW groups - Open Carry is a lightning rod, they start debates, the NRA sits in the background with CCW ready to reap benefits - and in the end the whole carry movement goes forward. Open Carry argues to normalize people carrying loaded guns openly so it becomes normalized - while NRA pushes shall issue CCW. In the end public awareness is raised and people are confronted with the issue of RKBA and forced to think about it - and more people carry and get CCW and CCW laws are liberalized. And sometimes even open carry wins. Just like for every prudent Craig Boddington or Massad Ayoob we need an Elmer Keith or Jeff Cooper.

Me, the older I get, the more salt and vinegar I like.
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