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Well, I would certainly prefer a standing or walking shot any time to running shot, but there has been several years when if I hadn't taken a running shot I would not have taken a deer that year. one year I shot 3 every one running.I don't have much use for buckshot though, and I don't think a person should shoot at running game with a rifle smaller than a 270 and I much prefer something bigger like my 350Rem Mag or even my 375.I have also kiled some deer with the bigbores like the 444Marlin.If you shoot at running game much you will make some bad hits from time to time,and some people will say different,but bigger guns are better when shots are less that perfect.This is not my attitude about it anymore but when I was growing up most people I knew believed that if there is lead in the air there is hope.However that kind of thinking is not the attitude to have these days.But I must admitt Whether or not I will take a running shot or not will depend or the state of my blood presure at the time.
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