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Originally Posted by mack59
"in a way it is not even so much just guns as it is control."

I am convinced that this is so. IMHO anti-gun organizations include many for whom 'gun ownership' is no longer the issue, per se. In fact, they themselves may even own a gun for their personal protection, for those impending 2012 "TEOTWAWKI" scenarios...

Instead, they have gotten caught up in the political warfare that accompanies the issue, the drama and breathless rhetoric, the entire zero sum game perspective where the slightest gain on the part of the other side is an unacceptable loss for their own.

I believe they are motivated by an intense desire to win at all costs - to control "how things shall be", and are genuinely convinced that a magical absence of legal firearms ownership would lead to an drastic reduction of crime - despite brutal evidence to the contrary in both cases. "Guns" per se have taken a back seat to this desperate need to control their environment, to enforce their personal utopian dreams on the rest of society.

I wonder to what extent it may be true that "anti-gunners" are simply individuals who have not yet been victims of violent crimes? I doubt that their skepticism will be overcome by any less compelling argument...
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