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I guess there are two ways of looking at it. On one hand: My driver's license is pretty much a de facto Federal ID. Driver's licenses are in a nationally accessable database though they are state issued. It has all pertinent information on it except SSN and it is listed as On File (you get a choice here whether or not its on there). It has the barcode on back and everything.
On the other hand: Biometrics make me a bit nervous. The thought of EVERYONE'S finger prints being on file raises my hackles a bit.
The fact that this thing could be expanded to require your "papers" to do anything is a bothersome too, but we are already required to show ID to do many things (buy alcohol, tobacco, firearms, use a debit/credit card, get a job, etc.). I don't know that it would be that much different. If it were strictly regulated in the manner of the Armed Forces DNA database that would ease my mind a lot. Something else that eases my mind some is the recent push to deregulate the RKBA. We are seeing that on a scale I have never seen in my lifetime. Using my sense of reasoning, it looks like if this were some sinister plot to "communize" us the logical step would be to first relieve those of us with the ability to stand against a tyranny of the means to do so (aka our weapons). They cannot do that by force. There simply aren't enough of them. They have to do that through regulation. That has been the modus operandi of tyrannical governments for thousands of years. That's just some random thoughts on this thing.
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