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"How about instead of deleting the post a friendly reminder is sent to the op and that way the post can be fixed instead of wasting alot of time relisting the item?"

How about not?

This is how things have been at gun show for at least 6 months, and it was instituted because of MANY member requests.

Numerous warnings and reminders were posted in the forums themselves. It's part of the gun show rules, which everyone did read before they put their first post in gun show. Right?

You have to spend what, maybe 5 minutes relisting the deleted item? Look at it from the moderator's side. We may spend 2 minutes sending you a friendly reminder. And 2 minutes for the next guy. And 2 minutes for the next guy. And 2 minutes for the next guy. And 2 minutes for the next guy, and so forth and so on.

Sure, it may be 5 minutes of annoyance for you, but it very well could be an hour or more of wasted time and annoyance for the mod who has to send that friendly reminder to all the mistaken members who don't bother to include their location. It's NOT a trivial number on any given day.

All of the mods here are volunteers. Most of us have full-time jobs or other activities that demand our attention, as well.
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