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I'll freely admit that I'd rather be seated with a brace, and shooting at a nice, contented happy deer who's just standing and gawking. Don't I wish!

Where I hunt, walking is about the only way to find Ol' Bucky. Most of the time, he's already shifting into overdrive when the chance for a shot comes up--somewhere between 20 and 200 yards. Sooo...

You'll either learn about shooting at a spot well in front, or you'll go hungry. You also have to fight a tendency to shoot high.

I watched my uncle shoot a buck in mid-jump over a fence, at some 150 yards. I've seen my father call the white spot, offhand, at over 200 yards. Others have spoken of their hitting running deer, one shot kills, at over 300 yards. My uncle commented to me, "When I was your age, if something jumped up inside of 300 yards, I owned it." He was talking about using a Springfield military rifle...

So, when you grow up around that sort of thing, you take it for granted that you're supposed to be able to hit running targets.

So now you know why the Lord invented rabbit hunting. It's practice for "the real thing".

, Art
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