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Originally Posted by smee78
How about instead of deleting the post a friendly reminder is sent to the op and that way the post can be fixed instead of wasting alot of time relisting the item? If you dont tell the op what is wrong with the post how does he know what he/she is doing wrong? I had about 6 post deleted yesterday and dont know how I had them worded and had I known what I did wrong I would of just gone in there and fixed what ever it was that was wrong. I did not even get a e-mail/pm letting me know that my post was deleted or why they were deleted.

No offense, but if the OP spent a little time reading the forum rules, it would waste a lot less of everyone's time.

I mean, the thread title is:

FORUM RULES - all must read before posting in this forum

and it's at the top of every sub-forum in the Buy/Sell section.

I don't think it's terribly logical to insist that the Mods waste their time sending you a PM so that you don't waste your time rewriting a post that you wouldn't have to rewrite if you'd read the rules first.
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