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As a point of reference, I just picked up very similar Model 1905 from Gunbroker for $165, serial # 522xxx, which puts it somewhere in the late 20s. It has a 5" barrel rather than your 4", has a nickeled hammer and trigger and a square rather than round butt. Yours appears to be in somewhat better condition, mine has quite a bit of nickel wear on both sides although the pearl grips are in pretty good shape. The action is OK, but I would not call it smooth compared to my more modern revolvers and the mainspring adjustment screw was cranked all the way down. Loosening it a turn helped a lot. Inside the side plate was nice and clean. Do NOT attempt to remove the side plate on yours unless you know what you're doing.

I was actually a bit disappointed when I received the gun, the pictures at the bottom are from the Gunbroker ad. Apparently use of a flash is quite effective with hiding flaws, especially with nickeled guns.

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