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Whoa! The department of education?

Okay, so how violent are these people who are committing “waste, fraud, abuse, and other criminal activity involving Federal education funds, programs, and operations?"

Help me understand this. The IG investigators uncover some kind of violation. Are they going to suit up in black armor and bring tactical shotguns to arrest someone? Will they do that to...
-- The linoleum contractor who overbilled $80,000?
-- A coach who gets a kickback to recommend a sports store?
-- The owner of a furniture store who overcharged for the principal's new desk?
-- The five teens who vandalized two dozen lockers?
-- Four thieves who stole six computers from the school lab?

C'mon. They develop the case, get a warrant and then call on local PD or Federal agents to arrest these folks.

I can't even see this as justified for officers who patrol federal department buildings using a car like that shown above. If they see something suspicious, they should call for backup from the local PD.

In too many cases, the guns and the black raid gear is nothing more than a status symbol between agencies.
Gotta agree with Dfariswheel on this one.

Originally Posted by 2Damnold4this
Does every federal agency need its own law enforcement branch? Does the Department of Silly Walks need some goose stepping agents?
Thanks... I needed to mop off my keyboard anyhow.
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