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model 66 bolt questions


the model 66 bolt is a little different than most ... If you pull bolt back and look on left side you will see a hole ... if you pull back on the cocking piece you can push the pin out using a punch... this will release the internal spring and allow you to remove the cocking piece, firing pin and springs from the bolt...

to re-assemble - you need to place the springs back on the firing pin and into the cocking piece first then you need to close the bolt all the way and insert the pin through the hole in the rear left side of the receiver and then into the bolt in order to hold the cocking piece, firing pin and the internal springs in place...

hope this helps... I have never been able to find a schematic for this gun... I found mine at a flea market as a wall hanger for $5.00 as it had no stock and did not cock and the firing pin was broken off... I made new springs and a firing pin and am in the process of making a one of a kind stock that will make folks say ... what kind of a gun is that?? I guess I will make it to look quite different ... not sure what just yet?? maybe a painted horizontal carving of Elmer Fudd...
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