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You posted,
he spotted a smaller deer then the describe "Hulk Deer". He killed said smaller deer around 6am. Well, genius decided not to use a tag for the smaller deer he killed. He was "Saving the tag for the big deer he had seen and expected to see again".
From the story I get it that he also did take the large deer and tagged it.
That kind illegal activity is rampant all over. One way MN has tried to stop this is any license purchased after the opening hours of the season is not valid until 24 hours later. In many areas there are bonus or intensive harvest tags that can be purchased at 1/2 price so if one is meat hungry and still wants to hold out for a wall hanger it can be done legally.
Here is a link to one such incident in MN this past deer season. I do not see this charge in the court records yet so do not know what the actual charge is.
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