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Hi im alex. when i was younger i was never allowed even an air gun. It was pretty weak. when i was about 15 I got my friend who was over 18 to buy me one and i kept it hidden from my mom for a while. She found it after i turned 18. That was a while. Now i want a real rifle, and just like the air gun, im going to have to keep it hidden.
My first real shooting experiance was with 3 friends of mine in northern Cali. we went up to on of my friends cabin and had miles of nothing to shoot on. Our wepons list was: 2 mosin nagants, an SKS, a 12 gauge, ruger 10/22 with a few 25 round clips, a single shot bolt action .22 and 9mm hand gun a rugger .22 hand gun and a single shot break barrel 12 gauge. and some of them small propane tanks. THAT WAS A TRIP TO REMEMBER. I can remember shooting my first gun. We where driving down the drivway to the cabin which was about 10 miles long and we stoped to drink more beer and have a look at the scenery. I stumbeled out of my Baja bug and my friend comes up to me holding the .22 hand gun. He says "shoot this NOW" I take it and aim at a dirt embankment......i stand there pointing the gun at this embankment savoring the moment and then turn back to my friends to confess "i have never shot a gun before" with a huge grine on my face. I put on round into that dirt basted of an embankment. Needless to say i nailed that ****er. I turned to my friends who where watching on with dull looks on their faces and say "that feels good"
I unloaded the reast of the clip into the embankment holding the gun in various differnt positions. Like a cop, with both hands. Like a gangsta, holding it sideways and upside down. Like a drunk, with a loose wrist. and a whole lot of other positions.
I got hooked and the gun i got hooked most on was the SKS with a fold out bayonet. The Mosins also really got my attnetion. I was even more attracted to the mosin when my friend informed me that it was the gun i see in Big 5 adds for $89.
That was a weekend at age 19 that i will never forget, with friends i will never forget.
Now at 23, I plan on buying a Mosin within the next few days. I still have some research to do which is why i singed up on here. I hope to talk to many of you and get a lot of opinions.
Me and my favorit gun (at the time)
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