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Fiance's Dad facing Felony Hunting Charge

This takes place in Inidana.
Okay so here is the scoop:
My fiancé's dad was out hunting. He had tags for himself. He had seen a big deer earlier in the week. While out hunting, he spotted a smaller deer then the describe "Hulk Deer". He killed said smaller deer around 6am. Well, genius decided not to use a tag for the smaller deer he killed. He was "Saving the tag for the big deer he had seen and expected to see again".

He has his wife go buy a deer tag at noon. He marks the kill down at 6am, which is obviously 6 hours PRIOR to the tag being bought. The game warden (who knows him on a friendly basis, being its a small town) shows up at his house and gets him to admit it was him. He expects a fine and a possible misdemeanor count.

Today he went to court for what turned out to be a preliminary hearing. They told him they are going to go for a $1000 dollar fine and maybe even up 180 days in jail. They said it's a felony court case.

My question is, what are they trying him as? Are they trying to nail him for poaching? I'm not excusing his actions because he was and idiot for doing it. but it's a little over the top to go for this kind of sentence for this in a town that my Desert Eagles range exceeds the city limits length lol.

Anyone have any statutes/advice/answers regarding this? The lawyer they are getting is a complete putz and couldn't find a law to save his life. Any help would be great.

Also I just felt like sharing this story because I find it pretty funny he got nabbed for doing this. Apparently, it's common in their town (I don't live there so I don't know). But either way if he's a felon I'll gladly buy/take his Dragoon and lever action 30-30 from him lol. Might as well keep the guns in the family, right?
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