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I live in south central Pennsylvania. If we have hogs, I sure as heck haven't seen any. I watch a lot of hunting and national geo. shows and according to them, these hogs are a heck of a problem!!

Here's what gets me, I go every year to our local outdoors show (eastern sportsmans outdoor show) and notice these outfitters charging 400-$500 for 1 kill!

Let me tell you somethin, If I had a farm or ground that was being overrun and torn up by these hogs, I would love to get to know some good people that would help take care of these things.
From what I understand, I could be wrong, but these animals can produce up to 30 piglets/year??!!

If there's any farmers out there that would like some help, my brother and I help a few locals around here get rid of varmints and crop damage problems. Send me a message, we'll be glad to come out for a week or so.
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