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I duck hunt from a 14' Poke Boat kayak and absolutely love it. I tether the paddle and lay the gun down along my leg and have a small action packer with shells and stuff on the floor between my legs. The Poke Boat is ideal for this as it weighs so little. In shallow water you can tie it to your belt and drag it along behind you. It's stable as hell too and will hold around a dozen decoys in the front and back. I can get into places only a Mud Buddy can go. Very fun I assure you. Sometimes I park it in thigh deep water and stand beside it to shoot then jump in to fetch downed ducks. I've also done a lot of duck hunting on a small creek with a canoe. That is too fun also as you never know whether there will be ducks around the next bend. I did have to dive 6' down for my gun once when it flipped off the thwarts into a hole; that was interesting in the Alaskan cold.
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