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Oops, another Alaska question ....

Boy this is shaping up to be very expensive.

Working with Totem on the details for the household goods, waiting on a quote from Linden to take our stuff just north of Seward.

Still hesitant about discussing too much in terms of what guns I am taking with the TOTEM agent I've been working with - but I have to have my manifest finalized by the end of the month.

This is going to our "summer" cabin/property. Our main residence will remain in SC.

Should I worry about what I put inside the trailer? It's a full sized 40 foot container parked out here and it'll be full when we're done because we sold another house in the mountains and emptied it into this container, plus my wife is including more junk naturally ... she thinks I am setting her up to end up staying up there. (She may be right.)

We were told to pack it full and take everything you might need because everything triples in price once we get up there.

Anyways, I want to pack a bunch of ammo, powder, reloading components too and was told it is a don't ask, don't tell deal with these containers and that they'll never be cracked open between here and our final destination.

I bought the container so even it will stay on the property up there once dropped.

Alaskans reading this ... what's the deal. What's the skinny. Can I pack a dozen big handguns and a dozen rifles and a few shotguns and a ton of ammo and powder and projectiles into the front of this container and get away with it?

I am afraid that if I ask my agent it might raise some sort of flag.

We're taking a bunch of food stuff, rice, beans, etc. Stuff that was in the old bug out mountain home ... plus other stuff from this house. This container will be filled to the brim one way or the other ... we do not want to have to buy anything for awhile once we get there but the only way to really save money on the weight of shipping is to pack it full.

We've got a 1999 Land Cruiser going with it and some spare parts we were told to take ... it's getting the heater package for the engine before we go.

It's the guns I need to get up there.
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