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You guys can talk all day about the appropriateness of defending yourself with a machine gun against a burglar. The truth is that if some stranger was in your house charging at you then you won't be thinking about the legal ramifications. You will be grabbing any weapon you can get your hands on in a short time...revolver, chair, coffee mug filled with the hot won't be thinking about what the prosecutor is going to do or what the press might say.

Lets say its a home invasion where you are upstairs. You wont have time to prepare your Thompson Sub unless its sitting right there loaded and ready. More then likely you will grab whats available which will probably be a small pistol...

Lets say you put a 30 round magazine of ammo into some guy in your house. Well, you are probably going to court and off to jail at some point, but at least spending 3-4 years in the prison is better then being carried by 6...the way the law works is that if you shoot anyone as a civilian then more then likely someone is going to find a way to make you spend a few years in the prison whether it was justified or not...machine gun or pistol...whatever... Just be happy to have your life.

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