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Originally Posted by mapsjanhere
...If gun carriers are a protected class, so are property owners. If no one can restrict your right to carry, then no one can restrict the right of the property owner to tell you to get lost.'d get a "ranking" of rights, ...
Rights are indeed commonly ranked. The civil rights laws represent a ranking of rights, as do a variety of land use and zoning laws, business licensing laws, etc. What right trumps what right, and to what extent, becomes a political and policy issue, subject to scrutiny by the courts. And the courts have, over the years, developed standards for deciding if the regulation or limitation of a constitutionally protected right has gone too far.

Personally, I think that a law requiring a business to let in lawfully armed customers would survive a court challenge. At least one federal court of appeals has upheld a state law requiring employers to let employees keep a gun locked in their cars parked on company property. But so far a law keeping businesses from tossing out legally armed customers hasn't been politically viable.
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