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I'm not going to repeat myself endlessly. However, no one was talking about your home.
My apologies on misunderstanding this point and for my exagerated response.

It was a business open to the public that gets services from tax payers. It invites people in.
My home does receive services from the taxpayers (fire, police, water, sewer). It is not open to the public though, good point, but what if i operate a small business from my basement that allows face-to-face transactions? (massage parlor perhaps)

Also, religion is protected. But that is a choice. How about that?
That is arguable, but not by me (am superstitious agnostic raised as baptist).

sorry for the gun show manager who had the choice of going out of business. That's why I want him or her to have legislative protection.
I fully agree with pity for the gunshow manager having to decide between ethics and practicality.

I would hope there would be a solution that didn't involve another governmental attempt to legislate common sense, common courtesy, or morality. I would further hope that common courtesy would help folks to temporarily subjugate their right to self defense in deference to the gunshow manager's private property rights and need for insurance/liability coverage, regardless of which right is ultimately superior in a legal hierarchy.

I would hazard a guess that this problem will ultimately be solved by governmental restrictions on gun shows curbing gun shows to the point of extinction. sadly so.
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