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Got a friend into shooting several years ago.The first gun show he went to with us he asked if anyone had ever fired off a round.I told him that in almost 25 years i had never heard of such an incidence.Half hour later we heard a bang at the front of the hall.When we eventually worked our way back to the front tables i asked a vendor what had happened.A joker had walked in with a Tec-22 ,someone had asked if it was for sale and he said yes as he pulled a mag out of his pocket.Said it was his pocket Uzi as he slapped the magazine home,with the bolt going forward and firing off a round.The ricochet off the floor hit a woman in the calf whose husband then commence to assault the gun owner.
After having the muzzles of rifle,shotguns,and pistols pointed at my head,seeing firearms dropped on concrete.Seeing individuals that i wouldn't trust with a pointed stick mauling firearms,i feel safer knowing hopefully that they're not loaded.
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