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Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer
...I view the right of self-defense has one that should be as protected as race, etc.....
Perhaps it should be, but the thing is that right now it is not.

All the various restrictions on the use of private property by business, e. g., prohibition against racial discrimination, public health requirements, etc., flow from specific statutes or building codes or zoning ordinance or business license requirements. But I'm not aware of any law making "people lawfully carrying a gun" a protected class.

Perhaps somewhere there's a place with a law that a business can't exclude people from the property because they are carrying a gun (some states do require that employers allow employees to have guns locked in their cars), but I don't know of any. In fact, many state laws expressly permit a business to post against carrying firearms on the premises, although some require that the signs be in a specific form or have "magic words."

In these sorts of threads on various forums I've read a variety of good reason why a business should not be able to keep people from legally carrying guns on the premises. But unless and until those reasons get translated into laws requiring that a business let in folks lawfully carrying guns, the business doesn't have to.
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