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I like that thumbhole stock/ For me could be all
wood and bluing.

jpt- I answered you on Greybeards forum.
Main thing is that a Gibbs case won't do .620" bullet.

Ok my 12ga is a.729" barrel. Pacnor 1-20 twist like mine
will do ok. Min bbl length shotgun is 18"-- unless you register
it as a NFA weapon and pay 200 buck tax.If a suppressor
will have to be NFA. You can do subsonic with 3" case.
Use about 30gr Blue dot slow shotgun powder with a
1000gr slug.

I am now putting a 3.5" 20ga on the FBW action.
We are having RMC make 3.5" brass 20ga cases. I also
bought a huge box of 3.5" plastic case Hastings
hot rod sabot slugs at their out if business auction.
Picture is of FBW with brass case in the feed trough.
Any wanting to do 20 ga brass cases, at same time,
contact RMC, they'd like to make a big batch this spring..
I also got few of the cases to make the 10ga FH
brass 4.050" long case. Anyone wanting one. I'll part
with them, but I'll only will have a few. The brass is hard
to find and costly.. Ed

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