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G'day. I've been thinking that these could 'sound to American', as much as I like the concept.
... anything referring to a "body of people" opens the door to those who want to sell the collective rights idea.
I've just read a bit of the Aussie federal Constitution (the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act) and I can't find anything that protects individual rights. Actually, to me anyway, everything seemed gear towards granting/prohibiting collective rights with a few exceptions (section 118, for example).

Indeed, Wikipedia states, "The Australian Constitution does not include a Bill of Rights. Some delegates to the 1898 Constitutional Convention favoured a section similar to the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, but the majority felt that the traditional rights and freedoms of British subjects were sufficiently guaranteed by the Parliamentary system and independent judiciary which the Constitution would create."

Given that, how about:

The Commonwealth shall not make any law prohibiting the body of the people to keep and bear arms for the purposes of sport, self defense, and defense of the State.

or maybe,

A subject of the Queen, resident in this State, shall not be debarred the use and possession of arms for the purposes of sport, self defense, and defense of the State.
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