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Do all stores deny you these rights?

Many store owners don't allow the public use of their restrooms. If I didn't like it I would shop somewhere that I could use the facilities. Malls and toilets is a horrible example anyway. I think a mall should be free to have no toilets, if the developer was that dumb. They would go out of business rather quickly as customers found the shopping experience unpleasant.

The store is not denying you patronage. They have requested that you not bring a certain implement into their establishment. Saying guns aren't welcome is different than saying gun owners aren't welcome.

Are you telling me that you can only get the things you need at stores that don't allow you to carry? I have yet to see a Walmart with a no carry sign and you can get just about everything you need there.

I don't shop at stores that have policies or service that I don't like. If you feel a policy against guns in a business is the wrong answer then take your business elsewhere.
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