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"Locked" vs. "Deleted" and "the line"

With the upfront admission that I'm merely curious, it's none of my business and nobody's life will be enhanced by the knowledge...

What does a thread have to do to get "disappeared" as opposed to simply "locked"?

It may be me worrying over my memory as I age but "disappeared" threads leave little trace and I'm left wondering if my memory is playing tricks. It's mildly disconcerting. Whereas "locked" threads are right there where I left them - like my teeth in the jar by the door - very comforting.

There was one that vanished without a trace today that I didn't recall having any profanity though it had a title that was misleading in epic proportions and had no shortage of attitude, though not appreciably different than the typical "versus" thread. 'Course it may have degenerated after I lost saw it while it still lived.

Anyhow, in general terms, what gets a "lockable" thread sent off to digital Limbo?

...not like I'm looking to start one or more - just curious.
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