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Chambering problems in an AR15

Finally finished my first AR that I've been slowly building for about a year now. I bought a match upper the other day and for some reason, my rounds will not go in and come out of the chamber easily. The barrel I bought was made by a smaller independent manufacturer, with a Colt upper. I've only tried hand loaded rounds so far and will go out to get a box of factory to check it to the actual standards. I used lee dyes for the reloading.

When I put the round in the chamber, the bolt will close completely with some rounds (ie the bcg is flush with the end of the upper receiver if you have it broken down), with others the round will not come out without excessive force. I haven't taken it to a range yet and wasn't firing the rounds I put in the chamber, merely checking to see if they'd fit. I'm weary of trying to load a round the standard way by just pulling back the charging handle because I don't want the gun to ram-fire.

Is this how it is with the 223 round in general? I was under the impression that because its semi-auto, the round should slide in there easily, so as not to jam the gun. any information/personal experiences will help alot.
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