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Remington 1100 reliability

I was on the professional skeet tourney for many years and have shot many thousands of rounds through a remington 1100, Most bird hunters wont even shoot 1/100 of the rounds i have fired over a 25 year skeet career, I have owned most beretta autos to me they feel like 2 x 4s and still prefer to shoot my 1100s. The bottom line with an auto is not only reliability but fit and the ability to shoot well with it, the remington 1100 fits most is Super reliable and one of the best autos made to this date, I had my berreta 390 freeze on me on a goose hunt but my 1100 magnum kept on shooting as 1100s are shot dry and berettas need a little oil, The black eagle is another great auto but again does not fit me like an 1100, ill stick with them till the day i die
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