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Jim March
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Excuse me TG but, do you have ANY idea how much strong evidence of bias in discretionary permit issuance exists?


And if you read JUST ONE:

I stopped collecting this stuff circa 2005ish. There's a whole bunch more. How about the crooked crony in San Juaquin County Cali who shot at arresting FBI agents with his permitted gun, issued by the sheriff who ended up joining him in federal prison for real estate fraud? Or the initial federal charges against Sheriff Carona of Orange County who was charging a grand a piece? Or the guy who walked into the Monterey County (Cali) Sheriff's office, asked the desk sgt. about CCW and was told flat-out it was $1,500 to the sheriff's re-election campaign? Shall I go on? 'Cuz trust me, I can.

Oh no. This fully discretionary crap has to go.
Jim March
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