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Powder Valley... UPS

I'm not real sure how to handle this.

I placed an oder with Powder Valley a couple of weeks ago for 200 30-30 bullets and 100 44 cal. XTP's. When the order came got here a week later I opened it to find they shipped the wrong 308 bullits. I called them and they were to send out the right bullets the next day along with a label for to ruturn the wrong ones at there cost. Well the replacement package was delivered last Thursday. It was left on my front porch and the wife brought it in when she got home that night. I was out of town till tonight so I hadn't seen it till now but I knew it had arrived. Well the label says it is 6#'s. But it's pretty clear that it contains nothing much heavier than air.

It looks like it was ripped open at some point and taped back up real nice like nothing ever happened. You can even see the black skid marks from shipping under the new tape. I haven't opened it yet because I don't know what to do. I just want my bullets!
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